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Petition to rename the Cardinal Farrell Student Center

Holy Trinity Seminary is building a new student center to be named after Kevin Cardinal Farrell. This is a unique honor, since no building on the seminary's campus bears someone's name, much less someone still living.

However, nothing in Cardinal Farrell's relationship with the seminary indicates any reason for this honor. He has had no special influence on the seminary. His only visible impact upon the seminary is the depopulation of Fort Worth seminarians from the student body over disagreements with former rector Bishop Michael Olson.

In his over forty years of working in the Church, Cardinal Farrell is unnervingly close to two major scandals. Thirty years ago, he served as general administrator for the seminaries and schools run by the Legion of Christ. After the scandals broke, he claimed no knowledge of any of the debauchery and, despite his high position, that he only met Father Maciel once or twice. Today, he claims no knowledge of any depraved actions of Archbishop Theodore McCarrick, despite sharing an apartment with him for six years.

According to Cardinal Farrell, he was in the middle of two massive scandals, but somehow suspected nothing. By his own testimony, he is either a lying prelate or a clueless one. If a liar, Kevin Farrell is complicit in the sexual abuse of minors and the violation of ordination vows. These evils were rampant at Holy Trinity Seminary just a few decades ago; why should the seminary honor those who enable them today?

Because he lacks any basic qualification to merit the honor of a seminary building, and especially in light of his lack of character as shown by these scandals, we call on the administration of Holy Trinity Seminary to refrain from naming the future activity center after him. We propose naming the building after one more worthy, such as a saint who stands as a model for priests, or a virtuous person who has done good for the seminary. Until a new name is chosen, we refuse to honor Kevin Farrell and shall not contribute any funds towards the construction of this building.

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The petition was submitted to the office of the rector September 12, 2018, with 244 signatures.

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